Olivia and Natalia (Otalia)

One of the best lesbain storylines- in my opinion- to date. The slow evolving love that developed between the two characters, and the intense chemistry between the actresses Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia made their short segments on screen in the Guiding Light well worth watching. One thing that was lacking a little from this soap opera was physical displays of affection. That being said, the smoldering glances exchanged between the two was enough to keep me content.

After Guiding Light was canceled, Crystal Chappel created a lesbian webseries, Venice Beach, in order to satisfy the insatiable Otalia Shippers.

Because the story line took place on a soap opera, their scenes culminated into 3 years of clips. Below are their scenes by year, (2007-2009), with the first video to each year’s playlist embedded. You can also find all these playlists on OtaliaHD’s Youtube channel, The Otalia Channel – HD





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