I just watched this movie and it was amazing. Not only was there electrifying chemistry between the two main women – Atafeh and Shireen (played by Nikohl Boosheri and Sarah Kazemy) – but there was also a really good plot which kept me attentive and watching the whole time. The two main ladies are also very hot.

The movie is about a wealthy Iranian family consisting of Atafeh, her brother Mehran and her parents. Shireen- Atafeh’s best friend- and Atafeh have more than just feelings of friendship for each other, and the way they portray that was very good I thought. Mehran is crazy though and has also fallen in love with Shireen it seems. This movie is also an eye opener to the oppressive manner in which women are still treated in Iran and the Middle East. Good movie. Watch to find out what happens.

Link to movie:

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