More Marlene Rebecca spoilers



Not promising that these won’t be disappointing..

Folge 4102 (05.07.2012):Rebecca confesses her one-sided affection for Marlene to Tristan. He feels like his sister has betrayed his trust. Helena manages to persuade him to show Rebecca understanding. When he meets her again and shows compassion, he unintentionally provokes her to an extent that she is on the verge of telling him the whole truth.

Folge 4103 (06.07.2012): Marlene is relieved that Rebecca hasn’t told Tristan about the night they spent together. Rebecca makes up excuses in the face of Tristan and gets hurt by him even more, though unintentionally. While Tristan reconciles with Rebecca, Marlene is uncertain whether marrying Tristan is the right decision.

Folge 4107 (12.07.2012): Marlene is wrapped up in the preparations for her big dream wedding and has even launched an article in a magazine to show the world that she is serious. But when Thomas, who senses Marlene’s doubts about her feelings, confronts her with it, she makes it clear that she is not gay and does not want her parents to speculate about that!

Folge 4108 (13.07.2012): Rebecca tries to ignore Marlene’s closeness, who herself cannot stop trying to be near to Rebecca. Rebecca immerses herself in her work and is determined to forget her feelings. But her ex Juliette won’t let her do that and manages to lure Rebecca out of her isolation. Will she be able to get Marlene out of her head?

Folge 4113 (20.07.2012): When Rebecca and Juliette are heading towards a crisis, Marlene helps Juliette along. Because of her, Rebecca agrees to give Juliette another chance. Even though Marlene got what she wanted, she isn’t happy – on the contrary. Marlene has to acknowledge to herself that she still has feelings for Rebecca.
Folge 4114 (23.07.2012): Marlene wants to completely focus on her love for Tristan. But on an outing to the go-kart track, she meets Rebecca and Juliette, of all people. During a race against her, Marlene lets herself get carried away and acts unfairly towards Juliette, and when Rebecca calls her out on her behaviour, she is conspiciously bitchy. Later, when she’s trying to relax with Tristan, Marlene hopes to finally get away from her jealousy – but things turn out differently…
Folge 4115 (26.07.2012): Marlene’s confession that she has feelings for Rebecca is pulling the rug out from under Tristan’s feet. When he meets the unsuspecting Rebecca, he vents his anger on her in an allegedly casual fencing bout. Later he talks to Helena, Tristan realizes how much he loves Marlene. He reaches out to her to reconcile and enfolds her in his arms. Will Marlene stick to her story that is only half of the truth or, for the sake of their future together, confess everything?
Folge 4116 (27.07.2012): After Marlene’s confession that she slept with Rebecca, Tristan lets himself get carried away and makes some hurtful remarks. After breaking off their engagement, he wants to avoid any contact with her and to reduce their relationship to business only. Marlene packs her bags, but resolutely announces to him that she intends to fight for him and his love.

Folge 4119 (03.08.2012): Part 1—- Marlene doesn’t want to accept that Tristan has broken up with her and instead wants to speak with him about it. But Tristan blocks any attempts of a conversation. That’s why Marlene sees to it that he gets a letter from her in which she explains everything to him.Folge 4119

(03.08.2012): Part 2—- In the hope that she might be able to see him read the letter and tell from his reaction whether she still stands a chance with him, Marlene together with Christian secretely watches Tristan. But Tristan destroys the letter without opening it. Will Marlene give up fighting for Tristan now once and for all?

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