South of Nowhere – Spencer and Ashley


I remember when I first heard about the Spashley storyline I would have killed for something like the video below – a continuous compilation of all Spencer and Ashley scenes in seasons 1 and 2. Instead all that was available before was blurry, poor quality videos of the full episodes of South of Nowhere that you would have to meticulously comb through to find the few minutes of Spashley scenes per episode. Anywayyys, below are seasons 1 and 2, respectively.


I love the lesbian storyline in this show because I believe the way the relationship came to be between Spencer and Ashley was very believable, and realistic. The show in general is a typical teenage drama taking place in a high school, much like the show Degrassi. Spencer and her family have just moved to
California and Spencer- a sweet, home-sprung girl- begins life in a new high school where she meets Ashley – a rebellious bisexual who lives life by her own rules. The two immediately seem to connect.

Season 1

Season 2

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